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Bun. Oven.

Bun. Oven.

That's all.
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I just want to let everyone know that I'm an inconsiderate asshole. Forgetting Mothers Day when you wife is going through medical hell to prepare for pregnancy is inexcuseable.

And I know she's going to read this, it's not my attempt to make her feel sorry for me, feel whatever for me.

god I'm am the biggest idiot in the world. Feel free to chastize me, yell at me, etc.

That's all..
Reposted from Bobbie DuFault

It is with grave regret and a deep disappointment that I must announce that the Seattle bid has to pull out of the race to host the Worldcon in 2011. This is due to an unforeseen event and our inability to reach a formal first option agreement with our preferred facilities. We had initial options on facilities, but when it came time to reduce them to formal writing, we found that our preferred facilities had groups willing to make the financial commitment ahead of us. Seattle is such a popular destination for conventions that all of the reasonable dates (early August through early September) already have groups that have firmer commitments than we do.

After examining the options and alternatives, consulting with our respected advisors and exploring any number of other possibilities we have determined that there are just no viable alternatives, which make sense for the fannish community available to us. We do not want to host the Worldcon in a venue and situation that would prove to be less than World class. In this economy, it is refreshing to know that Seattle remains a popular destination for conventions and tourists even if it is one of the saddest things I can think of at the moment.

I want to personally thank all of the fannish community, our supporters, my advisors, friends and family for giving so completely of yourselves over the last several years. I can personally not think of anyone I would not have wanted to produce this event with other than you – You all gave so much and went so far to make this happen. Thank you for everything!

We will be reviewing future opportunities with our potential facilities with an eye toward bidding for a subsequent year.

Bobbie DuFault

Seattle 2011 Bid Chairman

Book meme: Stolen from everyone..

* Grab the nearest book.
* Open the book to page 56.
* Find the fifth sentence.
* Post the text of the sentence in your journal along with these instructions.
* Don't dig for your favorite book, the cool book, or the intellectual one: pick the CLOSEST

One never knows. - The Best of 2600 - A Hacker Odyssey - Emmanuel Goldstein

Me? a hacker book? whodathunkit?


Fast food and chain meme
Bold the establishments you've been to. Italicize your favorites. Strike through the ones you don't like.

( the meme behind the cut ):Collapse )
Omg... I'm going be interviewing for a Full Time Employee position at Microsoft..


Repost from Gene Armstrong:

Today on the trip down to Westercon there has been a deadly accident. We
don't have all the details yet but Roberta "Bert" Carlson was killed in a
rollover accident. The family has been told and will keep me informed and I
will keep you informed. They thank us all for there support, but please ask
if you have and sympathy emails you want to send please send them to me at
genecon@hotmail.com and I will get them to the family.

Also in the car was William Boyde, Nez, and Howazor (**I assume he means Howitzer**). They are doing ok and
have been released for the hospital. Nick Navota was also in the car and is
being flown to a hospital with a crushed hand and there going to see if they
can save the hand. Bobbie and Jerry are on the seine with them.

If you have any questions you can email me at genecon@hotmail.com or you can
call me at 206-304-4531.

Gene Armstrong

*So Sad :( Bert was a lovely woman who, as my wife said, has not an ounce of mean in her heart.

Doctor Who



That is all

Ok fine. meme time....

If you read this, if your eyes are passing over this right now, even if we don't speak often, please post a comment with a memory of you and me. It can be anything you want — good or bad. When you're finished, post this little paragraph on your blog and be surprised (or mortified) about what people remember about you.

These can be bad memories too!